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8:15 AM Future Innovations in DHS Cloud Computing

Richard Spires , CIO, OCIO, DHS

• Implementing Cloud technology and software into DHS agencies
• Implications of the benefits of cloud computing for the DHS and improving the capabilities for national security
• Overview of DHS access to cloud computing and its implementation into DHS agencies
Richard Spires
  • Enable the practical consumption of public and private clouds
  • Optimize sourcing across multiple public and private clouds
  • Provide Real Time Governance with current bill of IT
Mohammed Farooq

10:30 AM Cloud & Big Data: Changing the Way Federal IT Deals with Change

Jason Bloomberg , President, Zap Think, A Dovel Technologies Company

The days of big budget, high risk, instant legacy Federal IT projects are long gone. Today's mantra is do more with less, the core mandate of the 25-Point Plan. Cloud and Big Data are supposed to represent the government turning the page on traditional big bang IT. But who's to say today's Cloud and Big Data won't simply become tomorrow's inflexible legacy?
The answer: both Cloud Computing and Big Data approaches fundamentally rethink how Federal IT deals with change. Instead of purchasing hardware and software, the Cloud provides a dynamic purchasing model that offers elasticity as its prime business benefit. Similarly, the Big Data challenge isn't how to deal with large data sets. It's how to deal with ever-increasing quantities of information. To achieve the goals of Future First and the 25-Point Plan, it is essential for Federal IT to leverage both the Cloud and Big Data to reinvent its approach to change.
Jason Bloomberg
President, Zap Think
A Dovel Technologies Company

Sponsored by: Dovel


11:15 AM Leveraging Software Defined Infrastructure to Achieve Asymmetric Information Dominance

Carl Wright , Executive Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations, Coraid

  • Enabling superior information capabilities for the warfighter
  • Latest Initiatives
  • Determining the future of the defense and intelligence landscape

Carl Wright
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations

Sponsored by: Coraid


1:00 PM Tactical Cloud Computing for use on the Modern Battlefield

Dr. Howard Shrobe , Program Manager, Mission-Oriented Resilient Clouds, DARPA

  • Improving communication across all lines of the battlefield
  • Ensure higher network capabilities improve use of the Cloud on the battlefield
  • Investing in Cloud friendly, on site, battlefield technology
Dr. Howard Shrobe
Program Manager, Mission-Oriented Resilient Clouds

1:45 PM Cirrus to Stratus

Frank Baitman , CIO, Department of Health and Human Services

• Characteristics that define the HHS CIO vision: Empowering Business/Program owners with their choice of multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP)
• Leverage departmental economies of scale to consolidate connectivity across various clouds (public/private/community/hybrid)
• Operational strategies and tactics: Integrated acquisition processes that reduce topological sprawl that enforce best practices using
• Standardized approaches to terms of service, security, privacy and continuous monitoring of shared service deployments
Frank Baitman
Department of Health and Human Services

3:30 PM INSCOM Advancements Through Cloud Computing

Lisa Shaler-Clark , Deputy Director, INSCOM Futures, Army

• Challenges Army intelligence faces in cloud computing
• Initiatives and what the Army needs for Cloud to be effective
• Assuring that Cloud will help DoD accomplish and carry out intelligence collection, data storage, and data sharing in a fast efficient manner
Lisa Shaler-Clark
Deputy Director, INSCOM Futures

4:15 PM Current Trends and Future Challenges of Cloud & Virtualization

Ron Spangler , P.E., CEM, Emerson Network Power

This presentation will include a discussion of data center trends and their application to the cloud environment.  In addition, the presentation will provide a summary of changes taking place to data center infrastructure systems needed to comply with current and future standards that affect these systems.
Ron Spangler
Emerson Network Power

Sponsored by: Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power