Federal Cybersecurity Workshop Day

Day 1

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9:00 AM An Environment for Rapidly Maturing Cloud Computing Capabilities for Production Deployment

Alan Hansen , Division Director, Intelligence Systems & Processing at Army Intelligence & Information Warfare Directorate, US Army

Shane Miller , Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton

Determining the process for identifying early stage cloud capabilities that have the potential for high-impact match to address Soldier capability requirements Government operated incubator-like environment to streamline rapid maturing and prototyping.  This will help to  demonstrate the value (to Government and industry) of providing Soldiers and other key stakeholders within the incubator to maximize alignment of solution to operational needs.  

Alan Hansen
Division Director, Intelligence Systems & Processing at Army Intelligence & Information Warfare Directorate
US Army
Shane Miller
Booz Allen Hamilton

Sponsored by: Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton
Underscoring the ability to effectively implement Cloud smart grid architecture to current Government Infrastructure in a undisruptive manner.  This session will cover many the standards and procedures necessary in converting the various Government Agencies to Cloud based services.  It will also provide examples of how those agencies will be able to train their personnel and preserve their current working infrastructure and equipment.  
Eric Simon
Lead, Smart Grid Architect

11:00 AM Reliably Maintaining Secure Access, Compliance and Governance Policies while Leveraging the Cloud

Gary Ardito , Chief Architect for Cloud Service Provider Solutions, Net IQ

• Techniques for defining and enforcing access control policies that include cloud resources;
• Approaches for defining compliance and governance responsibilities based on cloud administrative domains;
• Latest architecture and deployment strategies to meet the agency's access control and compliance requirements
Gary Ardito
Chief Architect for Cloud Service Provider Solutions
Net IQ

Sponsored by: Netiq


1:00 PM Rapidly developing Analytics for Hybrid Cloud Environment

Pamela Arya , CEO & Co-Founder, OpTensity

Every day also brings new types of web, social, demographic, behavioral, geographic and other ‘big’ data sources that offer unprecedented potential for deeper and more timely insights. Yet in most organizations,  there is a huge shortage of data scientists and developers with the skills to exploit this data. This session will demonstrate how data scientists can use the AppSymphony platform to  rapidly build custom big data analytics and workflows that execute across Hadoop and non-Hadoop data structures as well as public and  private clouds.
Pamela Arya
CEO & Co-Founder

Sponsored by: Optensity


2:00 PM Managing Security and Storage in the Cloud

David Blankenhorn , Chief Cloud Technologist, DLT

• Overcoming challenges with the shared security model
• Utilizing a public cloud and storage compliance within a public cloud
• Applying strategies to best develop these solutions

David Blankenhorn
Chief Cloud Technologist

Sponsored by: DLT Solutions

DLT Solutions

4:00 PM As a Service: Cloud Computing, National Security and the Next Wave of Innovation

Bob Devine , Director of Federal Sales, Terremark

Eric Simon , Lead, Smart Grid Architect, NIST

Kevin McDonald , Professor, Computer Science, Georgetown University

This panel will wrap up the days discussions with a deeper dive into the current and future challenges and opportunities as Service Oriented deployments displace Asset Oriented deployments.  Will Clouds allow the Services and Agencies to shave off development and deployment time.  How will BYOD affect DoD and Mission Critical networks?   Will 3G and 4G data streams support enough information protection to allow sensitive or at the very least routine communications to transport securely?   Finally, will Cloud pay off in terms of supporting true agility and mobility?
Bob Devine
Director of Federal Sales
Eric Simon
Lead, Smart Grid Architect

Moderated By:

Kevin McDonald
Professor, Computer Science
Georgetown University